The Breath of Life


P r a a n


In Hindu, Praan means The breath of life which refers to the root of living moment. A happy body with happy spirit creates positive energy and leads to success.  

At Praan Thai Massage, we promote well-balanced and harmonized way of living both physical and psychological health. Our goal is to deliver THE SPA experience in an affordable way, with the highest quality of service so you can get the Experience of Wonder each time you visit.


Praan Deep Integrated Bodywork

High-quality effective treatment for pain, common discomforts, and healing. May include various powerful bodywork techniques such as compressions, acupressure, stretching, deep tissue, and hot stones to better achieve overall muscles relaxation in order to alleviate knots and tightness.


60 min   $85    /    90 min   $120    /    120 min  $175


Praan Relaxing Integrated Bodywork

A therapeutic treatment for stress and general relaxation.

May include various powerful bodywork techniques such as compressions, Swedish and hot stone for better overall well-being and happiness.

60 min   $85    /    90 min   $120    /    120 min  $175


Praan Thai Massage

Blown-away therapeutic massage similar to acupressure, yoga and shiatsu techniques to create slow, rhythmic compressions and stretches along the body's energy line. 


60 min   $95    /    90 min   $135    /    120 min  $195


comfortable clothes are provided

or you can bring your stretchy clothes.

Hot Stone Massage

Energy exchange between the warm smooth stones and the tension in your body to restore harmony and balance. The positive energy flows and promotes a sense of balance.

60 min   $95    /    90 min   $135    /    120 min  $195


Head + Neck + Shoulders Rejuvenation

Lift your stress, pain, tightness away with our target head, neck, shoulders treatment.

30 min   $55    /    45 min   $70


Through the application of pressure, reflexology promotes relaxation of tension and improvement of circulation. 

30 min   $55    /    45 min   $70

Foot Reflexology

Everyday Discount with Cash payment

Integrated Bodywork

 60-min   $70 (cash) 

 90-min   $100 (cash)

 120-min   $150 (cash)  

Package for Couples

 60-min   $130 (cash) 

  90-min   $190 (cash)

120-min   $290 (cash)

Praan Thai Massage

 60-min   $80 (cash) 

  90-min   $115 (cash)

120-min   $170 (cash)

Package for Couples

  60-min   $150 (cash) 

 90-min   $220 (cash)

120-min   $330 (cash)

* contact us for more deals


A session consists of massage/bodywork, time for you to dress and undress, and time to communicate with the therapist to make your massage/bodywork sessions truly customized.  

- Prices are subject to change without notice.

- We won’t be able to perform prenatal massage on clients under 16 weeks of pregnancy due to the risk of miscarriage associated with the first trimester of pregnancy



588 Mt Auburn St,

Watertown, MA 02472

Tel: (508) 960 - 9469

M -  F     11a - 9p

S  -  S      10a - 8p

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